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Bipolar Disorder, commonly known as Manic Depression, is a psychiatric disorder. This can consist of a diverse range of excessive mood swings. For those who experience the disorder describe that it is possible to feel exuberant one minute and despondent the next. Sufferers have also been known to have delusions or even hallucinations. There is a bipolar spectrum that is categorized as follows; bipolar I, bipolar II, cyclothymia. An irregular high is often described as a manic episode or hypomania in minor cases.

Bipolar disorder can be treated with mood stabilizing medications and other psychiatric drugs. Suicide has also been known in more severe cases. People that suffer from Manic Depression share different experiences and it is not a disease that can be tested for. It is believed that the disorder is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. During a manic episode, suffers may experience superior, extroverted, or petulant mood condition. It is common for suffers to feel more energetic with less need for sleep and find it hard to concentrate. Hypomania is the term used to describe a less intensive manic state of mind. Other sufferers can also experience a variety of extreme mood swings from mania to mass depression, even as far as suicide.

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Bipolar Types

Bipolar I is the term used to describe a manic episode without the depressive state.

Bipolar II means that the sufferer not only experiences a manic state but at least one depressive episode too.

Cyclothymiacs are sufferers that have a history of manic-depressive states.

Exhibition Installation

The purpose of this installation is for people to experience a visual interpretation of manic depression.


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